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Popular Face to Face Team Building Activities

We are social animals. Face-to-face contact is a part of what it means to be human. Face-to-face communication includes things like gestures, eye contact, touch, and movement of the body. Body language is very important for clear knowledge sharing and teamwork, especially in teams with people from different backgrounds. When we get together in the same place to take part in live events and activities, things aren’t the same as they used to be. We need to remember to keep a safe distance and practice good hygiene. Even so, we can still have fun together!

At Truong Van Hoang, we’ve made a number of programs where you can still take part even if you’re in the same place as your colleagues, as long as you keep the required distance. Here are some of our most popular team-building activities that take place in person.

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Team Building For Virtual Teams

Globalisation has brought a rise in the global mobile workforce. Even before Covid19, it was estimated that remote workers would increase to 43% of the global workforce by 2023. Team effectiveness has the same principals, whether remote or working face-to-face. Remote teams have added challenges when it comes to effective communication, motivation, shared culture and connectedness. An effective team is guided by a capable leader who establishes the rules of play and the communication channels that foster positive team dynamics even when working from home.

Even when each team member is working from home, team building activities can be useful to connect and have fun together, as well as, build on vital soft skills that are important for remote teams to be effective. Take a look at these popular team building activities for virtual teams.

What People are Saying

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Amazing! We were on schedule to finish the game but the teams were so engaged and involved , they wanted to carry on playing.
Ricardo Owens
Thank you again so much for a really wonderful offsite last week. We have heard such great things from the attendees about Flat Out F1. They have how it made them think about their role in connection with others – collaboration was imperative to construct the F1 and they loved the competitive race ending!
Joel Burdine
Marketing Manager
The Race Around the World was an amazing journey. All participants liked it and the ‘travel guides’ were creating a nice atmosphere in the event
Rhonda Key
HR Manager
We have been focusing on team dynamics, skills and roles in our team. Quickfire was brilliant in helping people to see their own strengths and weaknesses and appreciate the same in others too. We have noticed a significant difference in the way people communicate and work with each other since the activity.
Ashley Hoyt

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