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Beat the Box is a team-building activity in which teams have a limited amount of time to solve a series of escape room-style puzzles to open a locked metal box full of cases.

At the start of Beat the Box, a strange voice in a video message challenges the players to a game. Each team has a metal box in front of them. Inside are a bunch of locked cases, each with a mystery that needs to be solved. The room has a clock that ticks away the minutes. Teams worked to solve the problems, figure out the combinations, and figure out what was going on so they could move on to the next case. And in the end, they have to figure out a code and put it into an electronic lock before the time runs out. Can your team think outside the box?

Results of Learning

In Beat the Box, you have to work as a team and think like a team to win. Participants use their different skills together to solve problems and come up with creative answers. There is a lot of pressure, and sometimes teams will doubt that they can win, but if they keep their cool, use logic, and believe in themselves, they will.

A real test of working together. During the activity, teams learn how to work efficiently and effectively when they have limited time. Beat the Box is a great team-building activity because in the last part of the game, teams have to work together to put their clues together to find the right code.

This type of team building can be done at Truong Van Hoang in Vietnam, Singapore, Bali, Bangkok, and Budapest. Send us an email at if you want to know more.

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