Teams build a huge model city.


In City Build, each team makes a part of a model city. There are industrial, residential, leisure, and business districts in the city, as well as roads, rail, and waterways that connect them. The team works on its own section, but it also works with other teams to look at the city as a whole. This makes sure that the design of each zone is the same and that transportation networks work well with the sections of the other teams next to theirs and in the city as a whole. They use a lot of different materials to build an imaginative and creative city that works and looks good. When the time is up, the teams join the different parts of the city and celebrate how well they worked together to reach a common goal.

Results of Learning

Teams work together to come up with a shared vision and plan, which they then put into action using creativity and good project management skills. To make sure the city's zones connect and flow, there must be planning, strategy, and good cross-team communication and collaboration. The city is functional, useful, and beautiful because it uses creativity within a structured design framework. Managing resources and time is also important if you want to finish the project on time. City Build is a fun, memorable, and shared experience that works best when everyone is involved, the team works well together, and the whole group works together.

This kind of team building can be done at Truong Van Hoang in Vietnam, Singapore, Bali, Bangkok, and Budapest. For more information, email us at

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