In less than an hour, you can play as an orchestra!


In Crescendo, groups can learn to play as a string orchestra in less than an hour. At the beginning of the event, everyone watches the instructors put on a show. Then they are told that soon they will all play together as one. As soon as the teachers give each student a violin or viola, the surprise quickly turns into curiosity. Participants are taught the basics of how to play through hands-on lessons. Then, they each learn their part for the whole piece. With the help of a custom backing track, the two parts come together to make beautiful music.

What I've Learned

Crescendo brings people together through music and does things that don't seem possible. Most people wouldn't be able to learn to play an instrument in less than an hour, but it is possible if everyone in a group works together and has the same goal. People learn from music and get dopamine from it, which makes them feel good and think positively. An amazing event that brought the team closer together and made an impression that will last.

This kind of team building can take place at Truong Van Hoang in Vietnam, Singapore, Bali, Bangkok, or Budapest. If you want to know more, send us an email at

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