Teams make a scent and a plan for how to market it.


In Essence of Excellence, teams act like alchemists and try out different combinations of exotic extracts to make a blend that represents their target market. Teams talk about the people they want to reach and try to figure out their mood, likes, and personality traits. Teams learn how to make perfume from the ground up. To make a ready-to-wear scent, they mix base, middle, and top “notes.” Then, to back up their scent, they put together a strong and convincing marketing campaign that they show to the whole group.

Team building Vietnam

What I've Learned

The customer is at the center of Essence of Excellence. Teams need to know how their target market feels and what motivates them in order to come up with a unique scent and a creative brand that captures the essence of that market. During the process, people look at how they see things and compare them to how other people see things. This shows that we all have our own models that work for us. This realization helps people understand each other, bridges gaps between cultures, and brings people closer together on each team. It also helps you find out more about your customers and how they think.

This kind of team building can take place at Truong Van Hoang in Vietnam, Singapore, Bali, Bangkok, or Budapest. If you want to know more, send us an email at

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