Teamwork is part of an Augmented Reality game


Safari is a game for mobile devices that uses Augmented Reality (AR) to show a city. To catch all the animals before time runs out, players must work together to find objects, find animals using augmented reality, and manage their communication channels.

It was a normal night at the animal sanctuary until “Kamoola” saw the guard sleeping, walked up to him, and stole the gate keys. “Kamoola” opened the sanctuary's doors, letting all of the animals run away. When teams put the app on their own devices and scan the QR code, they are ready to play. Teams must use augmented reality to find the animals who got away and bring them back to the sanctuary safely. Everyone has a role to play. On a big map, operators can see where the animals are. Scientists are getting ingredients to make sedatives, and Rangers are getting tools to catch and move the animals.

Safari participants

What I've Learned

In Safari, each player must know their role and strengths and make sure that everyone on the team can talk to each other well. All of the team members are more likely to join because the story is interesting and the AR game format is out of this world. When they don't have much time, teams must listen carefully, think about all points of view, and make decisions quickly. Participants will learn about each other's skills and how to work together to reach their goal, all while making new friends and having fun. Safari is a good game for both small and big groups because there are different ways to play it.

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