Musical icebreaker during a conference


The Boomwhacker is a set of lightweight, hollow, color-coded plastic tubes that are tuned to musical notes based on their length.

Armed with a Boomwhacker, conference attendees collaborate to create a furious symphony of sound by following a visual interface. On a huge screen, the visual interface shows color-coded blocks. When a colored block strikes a key, participants utilize timing and coordination to strike their tubes and generate musical notes. Pace and intricacy increase as the tournament proceeds; blocks travel quicker and teams reply with more zeal to maintain a rhythmic crescendo.

Educational Outcomes

Boom Time is an innovative icebreaker or energizer for conferences that unites teams via the creation of adrenaline-pumping music. This contagious icebreaker converts any conference room into a vibrant, fast-paced orchestra that will engage, excite, and energize all participants. Boom Time has shown international success in energizing conferences and fostering a feeling of team spirit.

This team-building game encourages openness and cooperation by requiring participation from all people and group collaboration. It's a wonderful method to relieve stress and have fun with coworkers.

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